What happened last night

I recently completed the altMBA. It was a profound experience. The process was like exercising some of my hardest to reach muscles... like empathy, clarity, generosity and getting my work done (especially) when I don't want to... the kind that, in this particular moment in our culture, make the biggest difference.

I also found it to be exhausting. It was definitely something I was far too busy for. It was definitely ill-timed and I probably should have pushed it off. I am so grateful I didn't. In fact, I couldn't recommend it more strongly. But, none of that is why I'm writing this post.

It was what happened next that got me up just before 5am to start typing.

For those unfamiliar, the altMBA organizes the students into cohorts to help you complete a series of projects. These projects involve participants reading, watching and discussing a steady flow of "why didn't anyone tell me this sooner" ideas, before we write, publish, give and get feedback, reflect and update our projects. 

This process happens every seventy-two hours for a month. The support of the community and coaches is more generous than you can imagine. It is a sprint.

It just so happened that the course's founder, Seth Godin, was speaking last night in my town. I had the privilege of attending and was able to meet several altMBA alumni, including my coaches. Since the course is entirely online, meeting all these great people, in real life, in the same week that I graduated was the icing on the cake.

With each conversation, I was reminded that these projects we took on had nothing to do with grades or accreditation. They have to do with how we contribute in life. This includes moments when we hit the mark... and when we miss it.