• "Culture eats strategy for Breakfast."
    - Peter Drucker

  • The Work-from-everywhere economy is amazing... and complex.

    As a leader, owning the challenges & decisions of our new world can leave anyone confused & overwhelmed.


    I'm Dane Sanders & I've made finding better ways to flourish my life's work.


    My training and practice are in business, leadership, and character development. Most organizations hire me as a consultant, speaker, or coach. I also write and podcast.


    Individuals and teams need innovative ways to thrive in our evolving landscape. If you're looking for help for you or your people, let's start a conversation.

  • Kind Words

    ... From trustworthy people

    Seth Godin

    Entrepreneur and Author

    On Dane's Writing

    "Dane Sanders has given you a priceless gift. If you are a photographer, I beg you to buy Dane's book, which has such useful advice on how to make a living in world where everyone has a camera."

    Ann Handley

    Conference Host and Author

    On Dane's Speaking

    "Dane has a great & comfortable stage presence combined with introspection & depth. He's more like your favorite teacher than a business speaker, because he has unique passion, energy & clarity of mind."

    Lisa Hladish

    Paper Daisies Stationery 

    On Dane's Coaching

    "Hiring Dane was one of the best decisions I've made for our company. He provides the tools I need to be an effective leader - even our team culture has shifted. His emotional intelligence is exceptional & his guidance insightful."

    Richard Bolles

    Author of What Color Is Your Parachute

    On Dane's Writing

    "All people trying to choose a career could profit from Dane's elaborate working out of the idea that what you choose to do in life should flow first from who you are and from the detailed way he shows you how."

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    We Help Your Employees Love Their Job

    Invite Dreams. Discover Drive.

    The upside of having a hybrid or remote team is obvious: less overhead & more flexibility. But, what about isolation, accountability & mental health? When Talent fails to cultivate a healthy headspace and habits to match, they burn out.


    As CEO at Tell Me Your Dreams, we interrupt that cycle by helping employees achieve their dreams. TMYD training and coaching promote self-discovery, personal responsibility, and active pursuit of dreams. The result is increased grit, motivation, engagement, and meaning at work. TMYD isn't altruistic. It's strategic.


    Choose Discomfort as a Training Ground for Life

    Life is hard. When the storms hit, which direction do you run?


    Men/Women Of Discomfort (MWODlife) is more than a workout program. It's a community designed to help you thrive in any circumstance. It leverages voluntary discomfort as a life operating system. It's not for everyone. But it is for those interested in comprehensive transformation.


    Come to get in shape. Stay for the freedom that's at stake.


    Stories that Invite. Ideas that Transform.

    Selecting a speaker can be daunting. Will the audience connect? Will they walk away encouraged and inspired? Will what gets presented really help?


    I love the challenge of creating custom talks that pierce the veneer and stay in people's thoughts and hearts well beyond the stage. I'm often present to executive teams, staffs from 50 - 500, or trade groups in the thousands. 


    I specialize in keynotes around healthy habit development, navigating diverse personalities at work, and optimizing for hybrid and remote teams.


    Converge: The Business of Creativity Podcast.

    As host of Converge, I talk with remarkable guests who thrive in the tension between the businesses they've built and the creativity and relationships that got them there. Give a listen here.


    Past Guests include Gretchen Rubin, Greg McKeown, Donald Miller, Seth Godin, Josh Muccio, Zach King, Erwin McManus, Todd Henry, Chris Guillebeau, Jeremy Cowart, Jeff Goins, Michael Hyatt, Ann Handley, Brad Montague, Chase Reeves, Sarah Greene Carmichael, Scott Stratten, Josh Kaufman & Ryan Holiday.


    Business Made Simple Certified Coach

    A business grows in direct proportion to its leaders' commitment to growth.

    If your goal is to grow your business, you need the right combination of challenge, support, and accountability. But, creating that on your own can feel impossible.


    You need a coach you connect with, that's BMSU Certified, and has a track record for helping entrepreneurs - like you - succeed. With nearly two decades in business and coaching, I've has helped hundreds of leaders level-up with clear, profit-focused guidance that gets results.

    5Voices Certified

    Know Yourself to Lead Yourself.

    Every leader is hard-wired with a particular personality. That personality has been shaped by the context they were raised in. Understanding the interplay of nature and nurture is what sets a coach up to guide clients with excellence.


    5Voices Certification helps me organizational leaders and their teams more accurately so I can help them act more human in a digitally dominated economy.

    altMBA Alumni

    With fellow graduates from Kickstarter, Nike, Microsoft, Lululemon, PwC, Johnson & Johnson, Whole Foods, Coca-Cola, Hallmark, Chobani, The Red Cross, Sony, and charity:water, the altMBA online leadership and management workshop made me a better leader and coach.


    Created by Seth Godin, the altMBA is a masterclass in decision-making, operating under ambiguity, understanding worldviews, risk-taking, critical thinking, storytelling, marketing, strategy, driving innovation, securing buy-in, management, and making change happen.


    Put the creative back into your creativity.

    Seth Godin describes Fast Track as "a priceless gift… offering advice on how to make a living in world where everyone has a camera."


    Every great business begins with a great owner. That's why running a phenomenal photography business is less about the craft and more about the creative. FTP explains how to become that owner.

    Build your business from the ground up.

    Once you've figured out who you are as a photographer, you need to decide where you're going. That's what this unorthodox business planning book is all about. Business Plan is written specifically to complement Fast Track Photographer.


    Fast Track Photographer and The Fast Track Photographer Business Plan are available wherever fine books are sold.

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