• Business ownership has never been more complex. The volume of details and decisions can leave any of us paralyzed and lonely.


    I'm Dane Sanders and I believe it doesn't need to be this way.


    The keys to thriving are in our mindset, creativity & community. Together, we discover new ways of relating with our work, that leads to better results and satisfaction. The resources below - including my podcast, books, talks and community - illuminate my best take on how.

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    ... From trustworthy people

    Seth Godin

    Entrepreneur and Author

    On Dane's Writing

    "Dane Sanders has given you a priceless gift. If you are a photographer, I beg you to buy Dane's book, which has such useful advice on how to make a living in world where everyone has a camera."

    Ann Handley

    Conference Host and Author

    On Dane's Speaking

    "Dane has a great & comfortable stage presence combined with introspection & depth. He's more like your favorite teacher than a business speaker, because he has unique passion, energy & clarity of mind."

    Lisa Hladish

    Paper Daisies Stationery 

    On Dane's Coaching

    "Hiring Dane was one of the best decisions I've made for our company. He provides the tools I need to be an effective leader - even our team culture has shifted. His emotional intelligence is exceptional & his guidance insightful."

    Richard Bolles

    Author of What Color Is Your Parachute

    On Dane's Writing

    "All people trying to choose a career could profit from Dane's elaborate working out of the idea that what you choose to do in life should flow first from who you are and from the detailed way he shows you how."


    The business of creativity Podcast

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    Stories that invite. Ideas that transform.

    Selecting a speaker can be daunting. Will the audience connect? Will they walk away encouraged and inspired? Will what gets presented really help?


    I love the challenge of creating custom talks that pierce the veneer and stay in people's thoughts and hearts well beyond the stage. I specialize in helping freelancers thrive in our digitized times.

    Executive and Team COACHING

    The art of getting out of your own way.

    With earned degrees in business and philosophy, 15+ years as an entrepreneur and teacher, my work lives where commerce and creativity connect. I help business owners and their teams act more human in a digitally dominated economy. The goal is to create a results-driven process that expedites forward momentum for you and your business. To learn more, click here.


    A comprehensive support system for serious business owners.

    I founded Fastermind.co in the hopes of offering practical business education, meaningful accountability and live in-person gatherings in cities around the U.S. and beyond. The community that's come from it has become a lifeline for many of us as business owners.

    Converge PoDcast

    The business of creativity.

    As host of Converge, I talk with remarkable guests who thrive in the tension between the remarkable businesses they've built and the creativity and relationships that got them there. Give a listen here.


    Guests include: Donald Miller, Seth Godin, Gretchen Rubin, Josh Muccio, Erwin McManus, Todd Henry, Chris Guillebeau, Jeremy Cowart, Jeff Goins, Michael Hyatt, Ann Handley, Starlee Kine, Brad Montague, Chase Reeves, Sarah Greene Carmichael, Scott Stratten, Josh Kaufman & Ryan Holiday.


    Fast Track puts the creative back into your creativity.

    Seth Godin describes Fast Track as "a priceless gift… offering advice on how to make a living in world where everyone has a camera."


    Every great business begins with a great owner. That's why running a phenomenal photography business is less about the craft and more about the creative. FTP explains how to become that owner.

    Build a successful creativity venture from the ground up.

    Once you've figured out who you are as a photographer, you need to decide where you're going. That's what this unorthodox business planning book is all about. Business Plan is written specifically to complement Fast Track Photographer.


    Fast Track Photographer and The Fast Track Photographer Business Plan are available wherever fine books are sold.


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